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every worker, every where, safe & healthy

With humble beginnings, Lawlor & Co. (Hamilton) Limited started in 1962 in the basement of Patrick James Lawlor.

He started Lawlor Safety to help the local steel industry meet their needs for safety equipment for the workplace. When word got out that Lawlor Safety was the premier place to get Personal Protective Equipment, people flocked to equip themselves with the top-notch products they carried.

In 1968, Lawlor Safety grew too big for the basement and had to relocate to 1529 King Street East, Hamilton. As word of the store spread like wildfire, Lawlor had to up the ante! Now starting to carry an even wider selection of products, the business began to expand all over Southern Ontario and beyond.

After a few changes in location, from 1529 King, to 1880 Barton Street East, then to 305 Kenora Avenue, Lawlor Safety was operating in full swing, serving all of Ontario with their needs, whether it was the steel workers, the construction industry, and many other industries vital to the livelihoods of Ontarians.

In 2012, Lawlor Safety celebrated 50 years in the business of keeping working people safe on the jobsite. After being a reliable business for many years, it was a large milestone to celebrate many years of success.

In 2013, Lawlor Safety made another large move to 2727 Barton Street East to accommodate their ever growing customer base and our growing staff. Now in 2021, Lawlor Safety currently employs over 20+ hard working people, from the Sales staff, to the Warehouse team and the Technical Services representatives. We have met and exceeded the need for safety equipment ranging from footwear, to fall protection and gas detection. We carry top brands from Carhartt, 3M, Timberland Pro, and many more. Lawlor Safety is, and always will be a family oriented business, and every customer is treated like one of our own!

Lawlor Safety, Head to Toe Protection Since 1962.